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About SureStarts

Electronic Software-Driven Soft Starters

Gen-Pro distributes and exports single phase and three phase electronic software-driven soft starters. We fulfill soft starter requirements worldwide.


The single phase soft starter comes in both a primary and a secondary version. Our soft starters provide a dramatic reduction in start-up current, typically up to 70%, but still provides full start-up torque for compressors and motors. This will eliminate light flicker, reduce start-up noise, and extend the life of the motor or compressor. Single phase soft starters are suitable for 1.75 to 7 horse power (hp) motors in the 220/230V models and are suitable between 0.75 to 1.75 hp for the 115V models. Plus, all single phase models work in both 60Hz and 50Hz applications.


The three phase soft starter is designed to significantly reduce start-up torque and noise caused by locked rotor amperage (LRA) in many three phase motors. The start-up torque can be reduced by approximately 70% and the start-up current reduction is typically 40% without compromising the full start-up current required. Three phase soft starters are designed to cover a wide range of voltage models for 2 to 20 hp sized motors and are available in both 60Hz and 50Hz models. All Sure-Start soft starters automatically optimize starting current for motors and compressors without any user interface, and are easy to install.


Lights dimming or blinking will also go away when you install a Sure Start on you AC unit.


Contact us today to pair Gen-Pro's soft starters with your equipment! Sure-Start soft starters are approved under IEC and UL standards and also comply with RoHS norms

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