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Three Phase Soft Starters

Three Phase Soft Starters

The three phase soft starter connects between the contractor and the motor. Sure-Start3 reduces the starting current and offers a controlled start to limit the damaging start-up and noise in a three phase motor compressor. They are also designed to offer reverse phase protection for motors.


Sure-Start3 soft starter is also designed to learn the motor characteristics of the load. After a few starts, it will have automatically adjusted itself to the load and the electrical supply impedance at the site. Sure-Start3 is designed to function as an auto-start device. Our range of models do not require any auxiliary control input. This makes them much easier to install and are readily compatible with different installations. Contact us if you're interested in purchasing our products or need more information


Sure-Start soft starters are ETL, CE and RoHS compliant.

Sure Start products also reduce blinking lights and dimming lights when large AC loads start up.

sure start surestart hyper engineering soft start soft starter
sure start surestart hyper engineering soft start soft starter
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Features & Benefits

  • Reduces locked rotor amperage (LRA)/inrush current by up to 40% at startup

  • Reduces Start-up Torque by up to 70% to the motor

  • Voltage protection from brownout and intermittent power failures

  • Automatic optimization of motor current

  • Reduces light flicker

  • Extends life by reducing stress and heating of compressor/motor

  • Allows systems to meet certain utility requirements

  • Auto-Start on power up with no requirement for auxiliary control power

  • Easy installation with minimal wiring required

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Motor Protection Functions

  • Low voltage / high voltage shutdown

  • Provides phase reversal protection

  • Delay function limits number of motor starts per hour

  • Internal timing prevents rapid cycling faults

  • Provides brownout protection

  • Prevents fatigue failure of motor bearings, piping and motor foundation structure

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  • SS2A04-28SN (208-230V, 50/60Hz, 04-28 FLA)

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