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How it Works | SmoothStarters

About SmoothStarter

Our SmoothStarters provide a dramatic reduction in start-up current. In our engineering testing, we have consistently seen reductions over 60%, while still providing full start-up torque for compressors and motors. Single phase smooth starters are suitable for 1.75 to 7 horse power (hp) motors in the 220/230V models. Plus, all single phase models work in both 60Hz and 50Hz applications.

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How it Works

Our SmoothStarters have proven applications in many industries including HVAC, marine/RV, backup generators, stored energy systems and solar power. SmoothStarters also reduce dimming lights when large AC loads start up. Contact us at to request a solution for your specific needs.

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Reduce start-up noise and eliminate dimming lights

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Extends life of AC units

Must-have component with all energy storage systems

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Save costs on generator sizing

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Contact us today to pair a SmoothStarter with your equipment! Our SmoothStarters are approved under IEC and UL standards and also comply with RoHS norms.

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