TC-ER-JP Cable

for ALL of your projects.


Introducing 10-16kW ALUMINUM Wire

- Available Now -


With changes to the 2017 NEC code article 336, your generator installations couldn't be any easier. TCER now provides the most appropriate product for your connection between the generator and the transfer switch.

The link below will take you to specially designed tray cable assemblies for your specific wiring needs. If you don't see it there, don't worry we will build to your design. 


We can design and build cable specific to your job. Our cable meets all complex engineering specifications and electrical codes.  From pulp and paper to oil and gas,  and everything in between, we have the cable for your project. We provide any size. Any length.



You've been waiting for this cable for your residential and commercial installations.  With the new code change, you can now run TCER exposed and in joist between your split units. You can also look forward to being able to run the condensing unit or heat pump with this cable.


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