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TCERD 1.25" NPT TRCBLGLND  "1 1/4" NPT Cable Connector.

UL Listed for use with tray cable, file E538994. (UL listed QCRV UL514B Edition 6. Suitable for use with Tray Cable, Sunlight Rated, Wet Rated, Oil resistant rated) .

Wet/Dry Temperature rating  -40C to 100C. 

Minimum cable Diameter .905" (23MM), Maximum Cable Diameter 1.181" (30MM). 

Part number NPT1-1/4


Quantity: 24


UL Listing for 1 1/4 cable gland, suitable for tray cable.


Cable Gland with Nut - Quantity 24

SKU: NPT1-1/4 24
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